Welding Processes LRT Design


Common Welding Processes and Letter Designations

Group Welding Process Letter Designation
Arc Welding Carbon Arc CAW
Flux Cored Arc FCAW
Gas Metal Arc GMAW
Gas Tungsten Arc GTAW
Plasma Arc PAW
Shielded Metal Arc SMAW
Stud Arc SW
Submerged Arc SAW
Brazing Diffusion Brazing DFB
Dip Brazing DB
Furnace Brazing FB
Induction Brazing IB
Infrared Brazing IRB
Resistance Brazing RB
Torch Brazing TB
Oxyfuel Gas Welding Oxyacetylene Welding OAW
Oxyhydrogen Welding OHW
Pressure Gas Welding PGW
Resistance Welding Flash Welding FW
High Frequency Resistence HFRW
Percussion Welding PEW
Projection Welding RPW
Resistance-Seam Welding RSEW
Resistance-Spot Welding RSW
Upset Welding UW
Cold Welding CW
Diffusion Welding DFW
Explosion Welding EXW
Forge Welding FOW
Solid State Welding Friction Welding FRW
Hot Pressure Welding HPW
Roll Welding ROW
Ultrasonic Welding USW
   Soldering Dip Soldering DS
Furnace Soldering FS
Induction Soldering IS
Infrared Soldering INS
Iron Soldering INS
Resistance Soldering RS
Torch Soldering TS
Wave Soldering WS
  Other Welding Processes Electron Beam EBW
Electroslag ESW
Induction IW
Laser Beam LBW
Thermit TW

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