AutoDrill 2000 Series Units

The Model 2000 series AutoDrill drill unit is a self feeding drill which can be actuated or stroked with air or oil. It is capable of producing approximately 500 lbs. of thrust on standard medium-pressure shop air.

2000 Series with Multi-Drill

The unit is usually used for drilling, reaming, boring and light milling applications, but can also be used whenever simultaneous rotary and linear motions are required. It can be mounted in any position whether it is horizontal, vertical, etc. It is supplied with either highly reliable and industrial rated electric motors (115 / 120 / 208 / 220 / 240 / 430 / 440 / 480 / 575 / 600 volt, etc.) or industry standard and robust pneumatic or air motors. We offer motors as small as 1/3 HP and as large as 3 HP.

A simple pneumatic or hydraulic control system is required to achieve forward and reverse stroke control. This can be purchased separately from AutoDrill or we can provide a simple example drawing of a suggested control system should you wish to build it yourself. These controls are provided for interfacing with a human activated start button, two-hand anti-tie down starts, foot pedals, PLC controls, linear product position systems and material pushers such as the Hymark or Kentucky Gauge systems, etc.

AutoDrill Drilling Round Pipe with Kentucky Gauge Set-Up

The stroke length of all Model 2000 AutoDrill drill units can be controlled by a manual stop adjustment which is fully adjustable from zero to the entire stroke range as ordered. (2″, 4″, 9″ or even custom stroke lengths). Depth control is achieved to within about .001 to .002 inch.

Spindle Projections; #33JT is the standard although we can offer many such as 5/8-16, 3/4-16 Thread, custom drive tangs, metric sizes and threads, etc.

Drilling Capabilities; Steel, Aluminum, Wood, Plastics, Ceramics, Granite, Titanium, etc.

AutoDrill Series 2100 Drill Units With Feed Control Cylinder – Includes Industry Standard Compact Sealed Oil Cylinder Feed Control

Drill Units With Feed Controls Provide Accurate Feed Rates For Precision Applications.

High degrees of feed rate accuracy are not always possible with pneumatic reciprocation alone. The compressibility of air allows for variations in feed rates with changes in internal friction, thrust load, and particularly when breaking through a hole.

Sealed and Self-Contained Oil Cylinder – Low Cost / Industry Standard
Simple Cylinder Plunger Depression to Actuate Feed Control
Drill Stroke Cycle: 2″, 4″, 9″ (fully adjustable) Plus Custom lengths
Rapid Advance to Workpiece Which Saves Cycle Time
Suitable for Applications Requiring Forward Feed Control
Right, Left or Top Mounted Feed Controls Available for Maximum Application Flexibility
Minimum Feed Rate 0.06 In./Min.
Pull-Style Feed Controls Available for Custom Applications and Multi-Drill Processes
Dual Direction Pull or Plunger Style Feed Control
Skip Feed for Rapid Traverse Through Component Interiors
Peck Feed for Deeper Hole Drilling and Special Applications

Multiple Feed Control Options

Please CONTACT US to discuss your application and receive prompt product cost, literature and technical help.

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