Drill Units, Tap Units and Accessories for Diversified Applications

AutoDrill drill units, automated drilling assemblies and drilling systems have enjoyed widespread success in precision production drilling applications in metals, woods, plastics, and other materials.

Typical drilling applications can be found in virtually all manufactured products where holes are required, such as;

  • Drilling holes in all types of wood furniture and wood products
  • Drilling holes in all types of pseudo-wood furniture and products such as composite or semi-recycled content items.
  • Drilling plumbing parts
  • Drilling candle holes
  • Drilling aluminum windows and doors as well as window and door frames
  • Drilling small holes in all types of metal parts
  • Skateboard drilling patterns
  • Truck body and floor drilling process including ipe, standard hardwood, aluminum and even structural steel
  • Structural steel products such as i-beams, channel, square and round tube

…as well as packaging, clean-room pharmaceutical and medical applications and many other applications utilizing drilling units and automated drilling systems.

In addition, the versatility of AutoDrill drill units makes them an excellent choice for many applications other than drilling, such as bottle capping, robotics, winding, etc.

AutoDrill stocks all of the spare parts for its standard machines so that you never experience long delivery times for a standard part.

AutoDrill drill units offer a full range of strokes ranging from 1-1/2″ to 9″, hydro-check (or HydroSpeed feed control) equipment, spindle options including extended length with thru-holes, and many special modifications.Our largest automatic drilling machine can generate up to 1500 lbs. of thrust even when using a small hobby-sized compressor.

Our modular approach to customizing automated drilling systems for small-hole drilling applications allows the potential user the option of selecting only those components which are required for specialized drilling applications.Because components are easily accessible on the outside of the unit in most cases, a machine crash that damages a component does not necessarily mean long production line down times. Some items can be replaced in as few as 15 seconds but are built to robust standards necessary for 24/7 production and manufacturing needs.

We offer engineering support. Our emphasis is on top quality drilling products, extremely competitive prices, off-the-shelf delivery, and world class courteous service. We will work with you to satisfy your drilling requirements in every possible way, and we welcome special drilling applications. AutoDrill literature on all our drilling equipment is always available for download off our web site or by direct e-mail to you.

If you have a current drilling application, require technical support for building a drilling system, or have any questions regarding AutoDrill drill units and accessories, Please CONTACT US to discuss.

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