You Don’t Need To Be Fortune 500 to Benefit From AutoDrills

You don’t need to be a huge company to benefit from AutoDrill’s equipment.  Everyone from home shop hobbyists looking to break out into a production run to massive international companies have found that our products help them to find success in their industries.

Here is a letter and sample photo from a customer with a small shop and an extremely unique set-up:


Dear Joe Jr. and Sr.,

Thank you for supplying a superior product in your 6 spindle drilling head to our company. Please look at the enclosed photos to see the unusual way in which we are using your drilling head. This particular way of using your drilling head has some distinct advantages to it.

Of course this set up is good for low-torque applications only. We are drilling 1/8″ thick Lexan (polycarbonate) for our product. Notice the 4 left-hand drill bits. Of course we make two parts in one drilling instead of three.

If you have any questions please contact us.

Thank you.

– John A. (Oregon, USA)


Here is a photo of the set-up being finalized in their offices:

Unique Drill Set-Up

AutoDrill is a family owned, family driven business. Because of this, you may only reach us by phone or email during normal business hours. Please excuse us during non-business hours/weekends as AutoDrill is closed. Someone will gladly answer phone and/or email messages promptly when we return.

Please feel free to contact us either by phone at (800) 871-5022 or by email at the link below:

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