Explosive Part Drilling

AutoDrill equipment recently enabled a government contractor disabling (demil / demilling) and sometimes reloading outdated ammunition to greatly increase their safety. We also helped them greatly increase their “production” numbers as the old method was slow and cumbersome.

Drilling Explosives

By drilling out the primer, the customer disabled older ammunition. By using a special cleaning tool, they prepared some of the older shells for reloading.

The fixture is set up for a process in either brass or steel. However, the machine is more than capable of drilling aluminum, stainless steel, extra soft or extra hard alloys, and even plastic and wood.

A similar project was set up for a customer drilling multiple smaller parts at the same time.

Multi-Drill Head

By drilling many smaller shells at the same time, the process of returning previously useless materials to a useful state was efficient and simple.  Recycling small ammo used to be nearly impossible due to the time and cost.

AutoDrill can manufacture gang multi-drill heads for drill presses, milling machines, automatic self feeding drills, motor mount set-ups, etc. All equipment is rated for continuous duty production work.

AutoDrill offers free application and design assistance for most jobs and free CAD drawings are offered for most units.

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