Hinge Drill and Production Increased

AutoDrill sold to a customer a Multi-Drill Spindle Drilling Head set-up for a customer. They were fabricating doors and larger style wood cabinets. The AutoDrill set-up increased their production capabilities by improving their efficiency. Because they needed to drill the hinge hole patterns, and we were able to help them do it more quickly, the solution was a big hit!

The Multiple Spindle Drill fixture is capable of drilling twelve holes for hinges on a single part but in three locations. Multiple spindle drill heads and AutoDrill self-feeding drills took the operation that was previously multi-step down to a single step.

Multi-Drill Spindle fixtures are perfect for drilling metals as well as almost any other material. They are designed for constant use in high volume production drilling operations. Optional peck feed or standard drilling cycles can be included into the multiple spindle drill system controls. We can even offer a custom adjustable SkipFeed for rapid advance from one wall of the material to the next. When drilling extrusions or pipe, this drastically decreases the cycle time.  Time is money!

This set-up happens to be using our 9″ stroke 2000 series machine. It is set up in a “Z” configuration. This is because the customer had no room for the standard motor configuration and needed a long stroke automatic drill.

Multi-Spindle drilling heads have been used in many thousands of drilling projects. A multiple spindle gang drill head solution typically starts with a call or e-mail from the customer. Our highly qualified staff discusses the application with the customer and answers any questions. We then provide a fast, no-obligation quotation or sometimes just free advice. Typically, we can provide drawings, pictures of similar drills, literature and other materials and examples help to the customer understand the proposal.

This may be hard to believe, but there are times when an AutoDrill is not the right fit for the job. These times are indeed rare…  But when they come up, AutoDrill has no problem referring you to the best in the business for your specific need.  We only sell what we know will work!

Please CONTACT US to discuss your application and receive prompt product cost, literature and technical help.

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