Skateboard Truck Hole Pattern Drilling

Skateboard Drill Fixture Example

An AutoDrill designed system recently helped a customer fabricating skateboards significantly increase their production.

By drilling all the truck holes at once using multiple spindle drill heads provided by AutoDrill, they perform an eight step operation in a single step.

Additionally, by drilling through many boards at one time, they increased the performance of the system even more.

Optional peck drill or our standard drill cycle could be chosen on the electrical panel their engineer designed so that they could take advantage of the best method to drill their skateboard truck holes.

The fixture is rated for use in wood, of course. However, AutoDrills are more often used to drill metals and are robust enough for almost any drilling task.  Drilling wood, plastic, metal, granite, glass, and even food products is common.

AutoDrill offers free application and design assistance on most jobs. Free basic CAD drawings are also generally available.

Please CONTACT US to discuss your application and receive prompt product cost, literature and technical help.

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