From Chuck to Multiple Spindles in Less than 2 Minutes! 
AutoDrill 5000 Series Annular Cutter
Large Woodworking Multi Head Spindle
Automotive (ASA) Multi-Drill, Drill Unit 
Self Feeder Drill Details
CNC Aggregate / Multi-Drill Spindle Heads – ER20 Style 
5200 Series AutoDrill, 5 HP Motor – High Thrust Drill 
Drilling Many Holes At One Time – Multi-Drill Style 
AutoDrill 2200 Self Feeder and Ten (10) Spindle Multi-Drill Spindle Head 
Example Drilling Process – Nine Holes at Once on Drill Press
Multi Drill Spindle Peck Drilling 
Twin Spindle Gang Drill Head, Off-Set Pattern Aggregate Style (How to Drill Around Obstructions)
Tapping Multiple Holes At Once on Drill Press 
5 Spindle ER32 Drill Head for Bridgeport R8 Milling Machine
Ten Spindle Head for 56C Face Motor
Multi-Hole Process in Round Pipe
More Multi-Hole Drilling in Round Pipe
Ten Spindle Part Rotation Device – Automation / Manufacturing
Very Simple Way to Tap Multiple Holes on Standard Drill Press

AutoDrill can help you become more efficient at your drilling or tapping processes. We love to come up with creative ways to meet your needs and provide the exact machine to help you get and stay ahead of your competition. We look forward to serving you and your company. Please feel free to CONTACT US for more information or with any questions that you may have.