AutoDrill – Production Tapping Machines:

Whether you want to tap one hole at a time or many, AutoDrill can offer a number of options to you. Our Production Tapping Machine offerings range from simple Drill Press Attachments to Fully Automatic Tapping Centers tapping many holes at once. Here are some of the basic options:

2000 Series Self-Feed AutoTaps: Some of the Self-Feed AutoTap features and options:

  • Accurate forward and reverse spindle rotation
  • Capable of driving more than one tap at a time (gang drill or multi-drill heads holding 2+ taps)
  • Standard entry control for accurate work contact and anti-cross threading on re-threading (thread chasing) operations
  • Can drive cut or thread form (roll tap) tooling for standard or NPT tap operations
  • Three models of the 2000 series unit handle up to 5/8″ capacity in steel (cut tap) – For larger holes, see the 5000 Series AutoTap…
  • Highly flexible Rubber-Flex collet standard
  • Quick change tooling options available
  • Dual direction Hydro Speed control for precise thread starting and retraction from product
  • Optional SkipFeed for Drill-Tap (DRAP) or critical time applications

5000 Series Self-Feeder AutoTaps:

The features and options for the 5000 Self-Feeder AutoTap are essentially the same as the 2000 Series AutoTap. However, it is a much more robust offering often chosen for larger holes, many holes at one time, extreme or critical applications, etc. The maximum tap size is 1-1/8″ in steel for the 5000 Series automatic tapper.

Drill Press & Milling Machine Attachments, etc.

AutoDrill can often turn your simple drill press, Bridgeport style milling machine or other conventional drive into a single or multiple hole tapping machine. Important details to consider are whether the drill press or milling machine has enough horsepower to perform the process, whether your part fits on the table, can you fit your clamping mechanism in the available space, etc. While most machines can be fitted with a tapping head or multiple spindle tapping head, some units can automatically reverse rotation. These devices allow for a more automated approach to tapping single or multiple locations. It does not matter if your machine is simple or high end, we can often convert it into a tapping device. Drill press tapping heads have been provided to customers with as many as a dozen spindles. Let us know what your need is and we will try to match the perfect options up for you.

Lead Screw Heads

AutoDrill offers provide multiple spindle head devices for lead screw tapping machines made by other manufacturers. We have worked with dozens of manufacturers to make sure that the product we offer to you is a perfect fit for your job. Whether it is a small two spindle option or a dozen or more spindles on a high horsepower ball screw machine, we can help. Our strength is our flexibility to customize the heads, our speed of delivery and of course our excellent pricing. We look forward to the opportunity to quote your multiple hole tapping operation utilizing a lead screw tapper machine.

CNC Aggregate Heads

AutoDrill provides multiple spindle tapping heads for CNC machines. whether it is a CATxx, BTxx or other custom drive machine, we can often provide a head to meet your exact needs. While multiple spindle head offerings are the most common, right angle or even dual direction heads are available.

For those with dedicated CNC tapping machines, we offer securely mounted, manually loaded quill clamp adapters. This type of head and adapter firmly attaches to your machine’s quill or spindle cartridge and offers the ultimate mount option.

While we have covered a good number of options above, more exist. Please contact AutoDrill to discuss your tapping application and we will gladly assist you and provide a no-obligation quote for your job.