Rotary and Indexing Tables & Custom Fixtures

AutoDrill has added a complete line of rotary and indexing tables to its product offering by partnering with a number of high quality vendors across the USA. Sold either direct to the customer in conjunction with an AutoDrill sale or as a turn key solution direct from the secondary vendor, the tables are available in various diameters and with various motor options. Standard table diameters are available in a variety of sizes and custom builds are no problem.

Some of the features offered are:

  • Auto home positioning and brake systems
  • Precision components insure long term indexing accuracy
  • Excellent design features for maximum rigidity
  • Multiple gear ratio options may be available to provide high speed feed rates
  • Custom designs available for extremely tight work areas or overly large projects for drilling, tapping, reaming, etc.

The rotary and indexing tables are part of the custom set-up offerings provided by AutoDrill and our business partners to guarantee a one stop shop for all of your high volume needs. AutoDrill and our partners also offer fixed pattern table fixtures as well as small items such as collets and custom collet chucks for Jacobs tapers, Morse tapers and even motor shaft mounts. With almost 100 years of experience in machinery and productivity related projects, AutoDrill manufactures and distributes a range of solutions including multi-spindle drill and tap heads, self feeder units and much more. The company’s expertise is machining and processing both ferrous and non-ferrous materials (as well as just about any other material) for industries such as automotive and trucking industries, aerospace, electrical, medical, off-road construction equipment, pneumatic and high-production drilling and tapping.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, for more information and a no-obligation quotation.

Rotary Table Indexing Action! (Drilling and Tapping Stations)

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