Two Axis Drilling Machine

Kentucky Gauge and AutoDrill team up once again to offer a highly precise, lower cost two-axis drilling machine.

This customer wanted to drill a number of holes in a ribbed aluminum extrusion. They also wanted to do it in a repeatable manner. They chose the lower cost manual adjustment method rather than going with a fully automated Kentucky Gauge machine.

As you can see, they also chose quality over quantity. Their feed rate and RPM rates are very low so as to avoid a large burr inside the part and also to avoid the need for coolant on the process

Kentucky Gauge can be reached here and are also known as Hymark:

427 Bark Cove
Owensboro, KY 42303
United States

Sales: 270-683-3500 EXT. 211
Sales: 614-321-4506
Fax: 270-683-2500

Visit Kentucky Gauge / Hymark’s Website Here

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