Proper HydroSpeed Clamping Area

Feed Control Clamping Area Instructions

Typically, it is only appropriate to hold the feed control in a certain area when mounting it. While there are special situations when this is not possible or desirable, the unit is designed to be held only at the very end as shown.

HydroSpeed Feed Control Clamp Area

The Hydro Speed feed control unit is built in such a way that holding it in the wrong are can damage it or even destroy it. However there are times when holding the unit in other areas is necessary. Please contact us if you need to discuss a special application.

What can I do to hold the HydroSpeed more effectively?

  • Most AutoDrill units are sold with proper clamping collars for the HydroSpeed unit. However, some people slide the feed control too far forward and clamp in the wrong area. Try to move your stop rather than adjusting the Hydro Speed significantly.
  • If you need simple control during free travel, use a pneumatic flow control on the AutoDrill unit to achieve this. The HydroSpeed should generally be used during the actual work interface process only.
  • Special mounts can sometimes be created to hold the feed control. these include over-sized clamps to spread the clamping pressure out more evenly or set-ups that make use of the snap ring grooves on the feed control body.

Please CONTACT US to discuss your application and receive prompt product cost, literature and technical help.

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