Four Spindle Automatic Tapping Machine

AutoDrill Recently Built a Four Spindle Automatic Tapping Machine for a High Volume Producer.

Table Mount 2000 Series Self-Feeder AutoDrills

The Series 2000 AutoDrill is an air controlled self-feed drill. It is the most versatile automatic drill machine in AutoDrill’s our up. The self contained hydraulic feed control (sometimes called Hydro Feed or Hydro-Brake) is useful when a clean hole breakthrough is desired. It also improves hole roundness in thin sections, control when drilling smaller…

Horizontal Drilling Machine

For horizontal drilling processes, the 2000 series AutoDrill tshown is perfect. The self contained feed control (sometimes called Hydro Feed or Hydro-Brake) is excellent at creating a cleaner hole breakthrough process. It also improves the hole roundness in thin sections and provides control when hole boring smaller holes. By using a feed control, AutoDrill is…

Automatic Drill for Tube Drilling

When Drilling Round Tube, AutoDrill units are second to none. Whether it is a key-type chuck set-up as shown for smaller holes or annular cutters for large holes in larger tubes, we have a solution for you. You can click below for more information on the self feed AutoDrill 2000 series options.

Gun Barrel Manufacturing Drilling Station

The Series 2000 AutoDrill and multiple spindle head shown in the photo were provided to a major gun manufacturer. The customer wanted to drill closely spaced holes, two at a time in the end of a gun barrel. Of course, AutoDrill was able to provide this rifle…