5000 Series AutoDrill (Heavy-Duty)

The 5000 AutoDrill series is designed for automatic drilling of larger holes and other heavy duty operations. It comes standard with features that make it easy to setup, adjust and maintain. All operations are performed with a standard electric motor and a small volume of shop air. This keeps the operating costs to a minimum.

Some of the many uses for the 5000 AutoDrill series are:

  • Plate and structural steel hole drilling operations
  • Drilling multiple holes with a single unit
  • Flow Drilling or Form Drilling of holes
  • High thrust applications
  • Multi-wall drilling operations that require SkipFeed
  • Deep hole operations up to 6.000″
  • Precision depth control drilling applications
  • Operations requiring all position mounting
  • Operations requiring through the spindle coolant
  • Large Morse Taper tooling requirements
  • Available with air motor drives for explosion-proof operations using inert gas

5100 Series AutoDrill (Heavy-Duty)

The 5100 series AutoDrill is based on the 5000 AutoDrill series unit. However, with the addition of a Hydro Speed feed control, it becomes a much more capable unit. This additional control is useful when a clean hole breakthrough is needed. It also helps improve hole roundness in thin sections, increases accuracy when precision depth control is needed, lowers the HP requirement for larger hole jobs or simply when two-speed operation is desired. Two-speed feed rate is standard with the Hydro Speed feed unit added. The Hydro Speed, when its rod contacts the customer’s stop, manages the critical work penetration and break-thru rate. The cylinder does not increase the overall width of the AutoDrill unit so that closely spaced holes are still possible. When the holes are too close, we offer our multiple spindle heads and most often our 5200 series units. Maintenance of the Hydro Speed is also simplified since it can be adjusted or replaced without disturbing the AutoDrill body.

5200 Series AutoDrill (Heavy-Duty)

The 5200 AutoDrill series has all of the features as the 5100 AutoDrill series except it is specifically designed to work with our adjustable C-C or fixed multi-heads. It also offers some additional and customizable features that the 5000 and 5100 drill unit machines can not accommodate including adjustable SkipFeed (single or multi spindle drill head set-up), StopFeed, dual direction feed control, higher thrust feed control, electronically controllable feed control, etc.