Multi-Drill Spindle Devices for Vertical Mill (i.e. Bridgeport Mill) Applications

The Bridgeport vertical milling machine was a “must have” piece of machinery for any shop that did metalworking. It was so popular that there are still “clones” of it being sold in the USA and overseas. The Bridgeport milling machine is excellent for Multi-Spindle Drill and Tap Head operations. It provides a solid foundation at a relatively low cost. Its extra long work table or bed length is just about perfect for stabilizing the work piece – even when the multi-drill spindle head is up to 36″ long.

Tapping multiple holes with a Bridgeport machine is simple with the standard reversing controls installed on most models. AutoDrill also offers self-reversing options if you do not want to use or do not have the reversing controls. AutoDrill stocks adapters for these units and can put a gang drill head on a Bridgeport within 24 hours or less at times! We offer immediate shipment of our Adjustable Multiple Spindle Heads for use with these machines.

Drilling Two Holes with Bridgeport Mill

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