5000 Series Control-Feed AutoTaps

The5000 Series Self-Feeder AutoTap gives you the robust AutoDrill 5160 unit as a driver for a Self-Reversing tapping head. This may allow a single unit to be used for both tapping and drilling at times. Because the Self-Reversing tap head is being used, the need for a motor drive to change rotation is not there. The AutoTap is capable of any thread configuration within its capacity range and almost always without a single change to the equipment other than adjustments to the feed control, etc.

Many of the ball screw and lead screw units on the market require that you change out physical parts (expensive!) to change from one tap size to another. This is a tremendous advantage to a job shop or manufacturer looking to simplify their process and keep inventory under control. These automatic tapping machines can be configured for different size tap operations or different thread pitches very quickly. Cost is kept to a minimum while reliability and efficiency is increased.

Here are just some of the features and options for the Control-Feed AutoTap:

  • Only AutoDrill offers the Control Feed advantage
  • Positive forward and reverse drive
  • Compatible with multiple spindle tap operations for complex or closely spaced patterns, etc.
  • Entry cushion for reliable work contact
  • Entry cushion also helps minimize cross threading on re-threading or thread chasing operations
  • Compatible with roll tap, thread forming or cut tap operations
  • Four models handle up to 1-1/8″ (Metric: M28) capacity (cut tap)
  • Most often equipped with the Rubber-Flex collet
  • Optional quick change spindle option
  • Dual direction hydraulic feed control for precise process control during entry, exit, and free travel.
  • Optional SkipFeed for DrillTap (DRAP) or fast cycle time applications
  • Factory assembled and tested

AutoTap Standard Selection

  • AutoTap SPD3 (up to 1/4″)
    (We suggest you check out the 2000 Series Self-Feed AutoTaps for single small hole tapping jobs)
  • AutoTap SPD5 (up to 1/2″)
  • AutoTap SPD7 (up to 5/8″)
  • AutoTap SPD9 (up to 1-1/8″)

(Please contact AutoDrill to discuss your tapping application)