Multiple Spindle Automatic Drilling Fixture

AutoDrill recently provided a Multi-Drill Spindle Drilling Head set-up for a customer fabricating doors and large cabinets. The system significantly increased their production drilling capabilities because they needed to drill hinge hole patterns more quickly. The Multiple Spindle Drill fixture is capable of drilling twelve hinge holes on a part in three separate locations. Multiple spindle drill heads and AutoDrill self-feeding drills reduced the old multi-step operation to a single step. Multi-Drill Spindle fixtures are suitable for metals and almost any other material. They are always designed for continuous production drilling operations. Optional peck feed or standard drilling cycles can be incorporated into the multiple spindle drill system controls.

This set-up happens to be using our 9″ stroke 2000 series machine in a “Z” configuration because the customer had a space constraint but needed a long stroke automatic drill.

Multi-Spindle drilling heads have been applied to thousands of drilling projects. A multiple spindle head solution usually starts with an inquiry from the customer. Our Sales and Engineering staff discusses the application with the customer and answer any questions. We can then provide a fast and no-obligation quotation or advice. Typically, we can provide drawings, pictures of similar drills, literature and other materials and examples help to the customer understand the proposal.