AutoDrill Multiple Spindle or Gang Drill heads are high precision gear box unit with a single input and one or more chuck outputs. Typically, they have no driver except for what is provided by the customer. They are made to be attached to your driver of choice. Because of this, there are many different ways to drive a multi-drill head. We often provide adapters for machines such as Drill Presses, Milling Machines, Motor Mounts, Self-Feeder Drills, Lead Screw Tappers, Pillar or Column Drills, etc.  Some of the simple attachment examples are shown below.

Specifications and measurements for many of the common units on the market (such as many drill presses, mill drills, vertical-mills, column drills, pedestal drills and lead screw tap machines) have been recorded by AutoDrill. Because of this, we are often able to provide you with a fast quote for the many spindle drill head and any adapter that you may need. We can delivery drilling heads as fast or faster than any other source in the industry. AutoDrill keeps many units in stock to better serve you and your customers. Multiple spindle drill heads can often be shipped from stock or within one week with the proper mounting hardware for your drilling machine. This is especially true of our adjustable pattern multi-drill head selection. Custom pattern fixed drill heads and adapters not from stock are often shipped in three to four weeks.

Please CONTACT US to discuss your application and receive prompt product cost, literature and technical help.

Multi Drill Head for a Typical R8 Milling Machine

Vertical Mill Adapter for Twin Spindle Drill Head

Bridgeport vertical milling machines have been around for a long time and there are many “copycat” milling machine brands out there. They are are popular in many shops. These machines often have enough horsepower to handle the load of processing more than a single hole at a time. Yet because the unit has only one spindle, efficiency is limited. Multiple spindle drill heads are easily mated to such machines. Since most of the “copycat” units we have run across are very similar to the original Bridgeport R8 design, we can often provide our Adjustable Multiple Spindle Heads with the correct adapters from stock in two, three and four spindle varieties. Please CONTACT US to see how we can help you make better use of your milling machine.

Multi Drill Heads for the Common Drill Press

Jacobs Spindle Adapter & Multi-Drill Head

It is not very common when a manufacturing operation can take place without the use of a drill press. Most manufacturing shops have at least one drill press and some shops have many more than that. Most people who work in manufacturing know how to operate a drill press. A typical drill press is perfectly set up to make use of Multi Spindle Drill Heads. AutoDrill can supply Multi-Spindle Heads with custom drill press adapters. This allows you to improve multi-hole drilling operations very easily and quickly. Many of the smaller drill press machines have a Jacobs Taper spindle. We provide the multiple spindle drill head driver that mounts directly to the taper. We also provide the simple to install clamping adapter to mount the drill head in just minutes. Please CONTACT US to see how we can help you make more efficient use of that drill press.

Multi-Spindle Heads and Morse Taper Drill Presses

Morse Taper Adapter for Multiple

Multiple Spindle Drill Heads are available with the driver and adapter to fit a drill press with Morse Taper spindles as well. Morse Taper Spindles Generally Range in Size from MT2 to MT4 although the range we support is MT1 through MT7. These type of machine tapers are the most common for larger bench top and almost all floor standing drill presses. Tooling and adapters are easily removed from the Morse Taper. There is a tool called a drift that makes removal simple and fast. Morse Taper adapter drives are available from AutoDrill stock through #5 taper for our Multiple Spindle Drill Heads. Unlike the Jacobs Taper units, the MT equipped units are not generally in danger of damage or wear from repeated tool changes requiring the removal of the tapered tool or adapter. Please CONTACT US to see how that drill press can be made to drill faster and more reliably for your project.

Motor Mounted Multiple Drill Spindle Heads

Motor Adapter for Multiple

Multi-Drill Heads can easily be mounted to the face of a motor. Whether the drive motor is electric, hydraulic or air powered (pneumatic), we can generally make an adapter for it. This allows you to easily adapt and drive a complete Multiple Spindle Drill Head to many sources besides the common drill press or milling machine. A solid and highly reliable adapter from the motor to the gang drill head provides a very compact design. AutoDrill Multi-Drill units have been mounted to both NEMA Standard and European Standard IEC motors as well as a number of hydraulic and pneumatic air motor offerings. Whether you are in need of efficiency for cost savings or to boost production numbers to keep up with orders, AutoDrill can help you come up with the solution that best meets your needs. Please CONTACT US for more information.

These ER32 Heads are Rated for Wood or Metal Use