Diamond Drill Bits Speed Chart


Recommended Drill Speeds

DiamondSure Diamond Drill Bits Recommended Drill Speed (rpm)
Material                Bit Size–> 1/2″ 1″ 2″ 3″ 4″
Fiberglass 1200 700 350 250 175
Glass, Ceramic & China 800 500 250 160 125
Limestone & Marble Stone 600 450 225 130 100
Ceramic Wall Tile 600 450 225 130 100
Porcelain Wall Tile 500 375 180 125 90
Porcelain Floor Tile 500 375 180 125 90
Granite Stone 400 300 150 100 75

(Not for use on Concrete or Masonry, or with Hammer Drills)

SPEED KILLS:  Reduced drill speeds, low drill pressure and increased use of water lubrication will extend drill bit life considerably.

Since all meterials vary in hardness and abrasiveness, it is impossible to determine exact drill speeds.  Additionally, as discussed below, lubrication and drill pressure must also be considered when determining the proper drill speed.  A faster drill speed or increased pressure may reduce the cutting time slightly, but it will also increase the friction significantly and heat up the bit, reducing the bit life considerably and increasing the risk of heat fractures and material breakage.  If used proplerly, a diamond drill bit should never be more than warm when touched after use.  If a drill bit develops yellow, brown, blue or black ‘burn marks’ around the tip, it is an indication of extreme heat and that the drill speed being used is too fast or the amount of pressure on the drill is too great.

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