How do the Professionals Professionals Holes for Things Like Carburetor Jets?

Have you ever wondered how a professional drills holes?  We are not talking about your local professional wrench, but about the manufacturers.

Recently a carburetor manufacturer in Kentucky needed to drill some 1/32″ holes in brass.  They already had Dumore self-feeder drill in their shop but found that access to support and new machines was simply not up to their standards. So they contacted AutoDrill.

1100 Series AutoDrill for Carburetor Jet Process

After a brief discussion, it was obvious that AutoDrill’s products were of excellent quality and priced extremely competitively. So they purchased two machines immediately.

In May of 2012, the company took delivery of the drills and has been using them ever since.  Because they chose the 1100 Series AutoDrill the size of the units was kept to a minimum and their drilling fixture was extremely simple. they even chose to go with a 3500 RPM, 90VDC motor with a very simple 115VAC controller package.

The industry standard ER11 style collet chuck on the self feeding drill made it possible for them to purchase an entire set of properly sized collets for different jobs. Because these collets are available from thousands of vendors around the globe, they will never have to worry about finding proprietary items to stay in business.

AutoDrill can offer units with up to 1000 lbs. of thrust at 100 PSI and spinning multiple tools for drilling, tapping, reaming, etc.

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