Lead Screw Tapper Modification Using AutoDrills

What do you do when a faithful customer comes along and asks for something that you don’t specifically offer?  You find someone who does offer it and pass the customer on and wish them much success. …Well, most of the time anyway because there is not always a readily available answer for the need.

This is exactly the situation AutoDrill was in just a few years ago when a customer wanted to purchase a multi-station, multiple spindle drilling and tapping set-up.  AutoDrill could meet about 90% of the customer’s need but just couldn’t fill in the gaps to make a turn-key set-up based on their rather complex needs.

That is when we turned to a machine builder and automation expert we had experience with to see if they could help.

Help they did! The JB Tool, Die & Engineering, Inc. was able to not only fill in the gap by making some custom modifications to the existing AutoDrill design, but went well beyond that by offering the customer a fully automated rotary table set-up with both the multi-drill and gang tap operations within a small footprint for maximum efficiency.

AutoDrill has worked with The JB Tool, Die & Engineering, Inc. on a number of occasions since then. We have always found them to be extremely professional and highly qualified for the projects.

Should you require an AutoDrill type set-up for drilling, tapping, or any other typical process, please feel free to contact us or reach out to The JB Tool, Die & Engineering, Inc. directly and tell them AutoDrill sent you.

Here is The JB Tool, Die & Engineering, Inc.’s contact information:

The JB Tool, Die & Engineering, Inc.
1509 Dividend Road
Fort Wayne, IN  46808
(260) 483-9586

Here are some sample photos of the final solution and set-up described in the post above:

AutoDrill Lead Screw by JBT
AutoDrill Lead Screw by JBT2
AutoDrill Lead Screw by JBT3

Please click here for information on production tapping machine options.

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