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AutoDrill drilling and tapping products have been at the forefront of automated production for many years. AutoDrill drills provide versatile and cost-effective, customized solutions for dedicated drilling and tapping stations that turn out more precision parts in less time.

Larger Automatic Drills

These automatic drills can tap as well as drill. The tap tooling automatically reverses for withdrawal on our standard and control feed tapper units. This system requires no mechanical parts other than the highly reliable and industrial rated self-reversing tapping head.

Our automatic drills are capable of drilling a variety of hole sizes. All AutoDrill autofeed drill units feature low air consumption requirements unless pneumatic motors are used. This makes them extremely environmentally friendly or “green” as they say.

These units can handle up to 5 HP and produce well over 1000 lbs. of thrust from most shop air systems.

The Series 2000 AutoDrill is an air controlled self-feed drill. It is the most versatile automatic drill machine in AutoDrill’s our up. The self contained hydraulic feed control (sometimes called Hydro Feed or Hydro-Brake) is useful when a clean hole breakthrough is desired. It also improves hole roundness in thin sections, control when drilling smaller hole sizes, managing the Horsepower requirement on larger hole processes or when two-speed operation is desired. We also offer SkipFeed and PeckFeed options for the 2000 series units.

You can click below for more information on the self feed AutoDrill 2000 series options.

Smaller Automatic Drills

The Series 1000 and 1100 automatic drill unit is a slim compact unit designed to cut operating costs while providing a wide range of capabilities. The small size of the AutoDrill automatic drill lets you adapt it readily to compact set-ups for close-center drilling. The drills are powered by either small electric (1 ph, 3 ph or DC) motors or air / pneumatic motors to increase the drills flexibility. There are no pulleys or gears to change and the unit is mounted much the same way a typical air cylinder is so it can be removed and remounted to the precise former location quickly and easily with the use of simple dowel pin locators. Although it is compact, the automatic drilling machine delivers maximum drilling capacity with 100 lbs thrust at 100 psi air pressure and a full 1-1/2″ inch stroke. These are the smallest production rated automatic drills on the market as far as we know.

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