Selffeeders and More

A Quick Introduction to Self Feed Units

When you need a drill unit that is versatile and able to meet a wide range id needs, you choose AutoDrill:

AutoDrill’s self feeding drill machine or drill unit combines a motor with a double acting cylinder and a high quality spindle. It is a very efficient and clean line package. Generally, the motor can be powered by air or electricity (although 3 phase electric motors are generally the most efficient). With the proper control system and a variety of attachments that are available, AutoDrill machines can be used for drilling, tapping, screwdriving and nutrunning in many automated operations.

Triple-Pressure For Ultimate Control:

AutoDrill air spun units (all pneumatic drills) always come with a very powerful and flexible control set-up. We provide the valving in such a way so as to allow you to run one pressure for stroking, a different pressure for retracting and often a third pressure for the air motor feed. This allows you to minimize cycle times, maximize efficiency by turning off the air motor when it is not neededm and even provide higher pressures during the retract to guarantee that tooling is not stuck in the work during automation-enhanced processes where proof of return switches are not possible. All of this means that you will have an advantage when drilling or tapping small holes.

Adjustable Stroke Length:

AutoDrill selffeeder drill units can be offered in stock stroke lengths ranging from 1.5″ to 9″ and each unit can be set for any stroke within it’s range. This means that you can use a machine with it’s quill mostly retracted for the highest quality lateral support of the spindle possible. It also means that some of our long stroke units can be used for deep hole drilling applications, especially when a PeckFeed set-up is added to help clear chips. Longer stroke machines not only offer better support for the drilling process, but they also provide greater clearance for fixtures and indexing tables, among other things. The stroke is adjusted by means of an adjustment nut right on the front of the machine.

HydroSpeed (HydroChek) to Maintain Set Thrust:

AutoDrill units equipped with a self-contained feed control allow you to set the thrust of the machine by the air pressure you feed to it. Then, the HydroSpeed (or HydroCheck) slows down the feed rate to what you need it to be. The main advantage delivered by this method of applying thrust is that the set thrust can be maintained throughout the full stroke of the drill unit. This provides greatly improved cycle times as the drill bit can rapid down to the surface of the part being process and then cut at an optimal speed all the time, every time. It also helps eliminate or greatly reduce burring or uncontrolled feed jumps during break through. This equipment will also help to prolong tooling life and preventing breakage. AutoDrill can also easily incorporate pneumatic timers and valves that control the rate of feed and retraction of the cylinder or even for dwell control. For manual control a single or THAD start button set-up is offered as well as the occasional foot pedal (with it’s associated warnings!) For partial or fully automatic control, proof of return, end of stroke and even short-stroke switches can easily be incorporated (as well as proximity sensors and solenoid start options for PLC use, etc.)

AutoDrill is the only drilling machine provider in their class to offer both fixed pattern SkipFeed as well as fully adjustable SkipFeed controls for their units.

Flexible Mounting Options:

All AutoDrill machines are mounted via four tapped holes on the bottom of the “air cylinder” portion of the unit. We also include dowel pin holes and slots for precision alignment while mounting.  All of this means that you can easily take an AutoDrill machine, mount it to a flat plate and then make any sort of custom mounting or even quick-change mount work for you. AutoDrill units can be mounted in all directions vertical or horizontal (some limitations apply to special units).

Generously Outfitted with Many Attachments and Accessories Standard:

AutoDrill 1000 series units come with an integral ER11 collet chuck. AutoDrill 2000 series units come stock with a Jacobs #33 male spindle. AutoDrill 5000 series units come stock with a female MT2 spindle (draw bar enabled or tang drive). Here is just a partial list of the attachments that can be mounted onto an AutoDrill automatic stroking drill unit:

  • Key-type chuck
  • Key-less chuck
  • Collet chuck (ER8, ER11, ER16, ER20, ER25, ER32, ER40)
  • Tapmatic head (SPD3, SPD5, SPD7, SPD9 as well as others including clutched models and HardStart models)
  • 2, 3, and 4 spindle adjustable drilling and tapping heads
  • Fixed drill heads with as few as one off-set spindle to 40+ spindles…
  • Floating tap holders
  • Floating reamer holders
  • DA collet chucks
  • Square drives for nutrunners
  • ball clutches for screwdrivers
  • Through the spindle coolant chucks and devices
  • …And almost anything that can be found with a J33 or male Morse Taper #2 shank.

Optional Accessories for Special Needs:

Whether you need a simple drilling or tapping machine or a customized machine with an exhaust collector, bushing mount nose housing, skip control unit and a special mounting bracket…  We can help you.

Our Most Popular Machine is the AutoDrill 2000 Series Unit… Here Are Some of the Options for the 2000 Series AutoFeed Drill:

Please CONTACT US to discuss your application and receive prompt product cost, literature and technical help.

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