Custom Four Spindle Drill Unit Head for Drill Press or Selffeeding Drill

This multi-drill spindle head was made for a customer who needed to make four holes in one shot. The goal was to be able to make a specific four hole pattern for their application reliably and repeatedly over a long period of time.

The volume of parts made was very high and the head was made to standards well above what was actually needed. This should result in a very long lifespan of the drillunit head.

Gang drill heads such as these have hardened helical gearing inside and generally require a light greasing from time to time via conveniently located grease fittings.

We can offer these devices with as few as 1 or 2 spindles or as many as 35+. We can mount them on Bridgeport machines, drill presses or column drills, mills, CNCs selfeeding drills, pneumatic drills, motors, etc. We delight in solving your application challenges.

Four Spindle Drill Head

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