Doubling The Output in Kentucky

Recently, a customer of ours wrote to us and said, “We are very satisfied with the AutoDrills, they seem to be working perfectly and very robust.  Between the AutoDrills and the servo cylinder, our new machine can double the output of the older pneumatic cylinder and (insert competitor’s name here) drills.”

We are happy to say that we can often help customers greatly increase their production rates with our equipment.

While most of AutoDrills machines are not high-thrust, we do offer the 1000 series unit with up to 100 lbs. of thrust.

The 2000 series has up to 500 lbs. of thrust.

The 5000 series has up to 1000 lbs. of thrust.  Custom units can be offered with much more thrust as well.

Here is a quick photo of the AutoDrill set-up as built by the customer in Kentucky:

Twice the efficiency in Kentucky

You can just make out our AutoDrill self-feeder units as well as our multi-drill heads.  We are especially impressed with what we presume is their chip management system.  Those look like some very efficient vacuum collectors!

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