You Are Going to Need a Bigger Drill

Remember that line from Jaws?  “You’re gonna need a bigger boat?”  …Well, we often tell people calling that they are going to need a bigger drill.  Here is a quick overview:

What do you do when a customer calls asking for a drill that simply isn’t offered in modern form by any known manufacturer?  You know…  When they need 25 HP, 30,000 lbs. of thrust, etc.

AutoDrill has a unique solution.  As shown in the attached photo, we can mount multi-drill heads right on to the face of a motor.  Whether that motor is a small 56C face as shown or a double or even triple digit HP unit, we can make the adapter and the drilling head capable of handling your process.

The head can be made with an extended housing so it can be mounted right to a flat plate or even to a slide.  Then the movement / motion is up to you.  You can use pneumatics, hydraulics, mechanical means or even just simple leverage and a human being to stroke the part or the head.

We have sold numerous heads with this type of set up ranging from single spindle units to 36 spindle units.  …If you have a special need for this, please contact us.  We even have machine builder standing ready to quote the slide mechanisms for you.

Motor Driven ASA Spindle Head I
Motor Driven ASA Spindle Head II

Please CONTACT US to discuss your application and receive prompt product cost, literature and technical help.

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