Specialty Parts Production Increased

AutoDrill equipment recently enabled a customer fabricating sprockets to greatly increase their production. By drilling all the holes on a piece at one time using multiple spindle drill heads, the customer now performs a multi-step operation in a single step. Additionally, the customer is considering placing multiple units on a single fixture to drill many sprockets at the same time.

Optional peck or standard drill cycles were incorporated into the design. This may allow the customer to stack parts and use a single machine to make even more parts per stroke.

The drill set-up is rated for use in steel drilling processes but is also capable of being set for use with aluminum, stainless steel, any of the soft or hard alloys, plastics, etc. The customer decided on a system with an eight hole round pattern to lay out their parts underneath in a nest.

Custom Gear Driven Drill & Tap Head

Multiple spindle heads can be provided in just about any pattern that the gearing allows for. The heads can be powered by simple machines such as a drill press or milling machine or they can be placed on AutoDrill or others’ self feeding drills and even CNC machines. some customers even choose to direct motor drive the heads and build highly efficient but dedicated set-ups for high volume applications.

All AutoDrill equipment is rated for continuous duty production work. Whether it is a selfeeder drill or a multi-drill head, the products are supported by free application and basic design assistance.

Please CONTACT US to discuss your application and receive prompt product cost, literature and technical help.

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