AutoDrill Cares

AutoDrill was recently given the opportunity to serve in the local community and jumped at the chance!

A local church congregation based out of Clinton, New Jersey (South Ridge Community Church) had collected life saving supplies for people in Syria. The recipients are people who struggle daily to survive through challenges ranging from shelter, clothing and food needs to attacks and worse from ISIS. The church was looking to ship them to a second organization that would handle the shipment to Syria.

Because the congregation and community responded with more assistance than expected, the shipment was much larger than the church could easily handle.  AutoDrill jumped in, collected the supplies and transported them to their facility for proper packaging. They loaded the items on pallets and worked with one of their trusted vendors, Unishippers to have the items delivered to the proper location here in the states for further organization and future transport overseas.

Voice of the Martyrs will handle shipment of the items to their final destination.  Kudos to all who joined the effort!!!

Charity Shipment

AutoDrill says thank you to South Ridge for the opportunity.

AutoDrill says thank you to Unishippers for partnering with us to help these charities and the final recipients.

AutoDrill says thank you to Voice of the Martyrs for making all of this possible by supporting those who need it.

Whether you are an individual or a company, we encourage you to get involved. Our goal is to work hard to live well.  That includes partnering with organizations we feel do great work in the local and international communities that need it most. Be thankful of what you have and what you can do to help others…

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